About the team

Why our team is different

We are strictly open source. My team focuses designs around the WordPress CMS. It is such a great tool for anyone to use. From the non-technical volunteer to the technical. It’s super flexible and easy to use.

  • Female owned and operated.
  • All the sites designed are cross browser compatible and tested.
  • All the designs are responsive so you get the best experience on your mobile devices.
  • Open source so it’s a low to no cost maintenance and upkeep
  • Take it anywhere. You can easily move it from host to host and developer to developer if you need to.

In addition to design and development, we also provide social media management for several clients as well as search engine optimization.

Patsy Gillispie is a creative director, strategist and WordPress guru, owner of GGC Digital

Patsy Gillispie, Owner & Project Manager

For over 25 years I have been working with companies and non-profit organizations to establish their web presence. It was a dream to launch my own digital agency and I have been able to make that happen with the help of a great team!

It is important to me that each and every project gets handled with one main POC than a typical large-scale agency. With that being said, I’m your main point of contact when it comes to the big picture for your website. My core strength lies in the planning phase of the design project. I can sit down with any organization and come up with a solid game plan for a design and web development project. I have an AMAZING designer and developer on staff who takes my game plan and makes it into a beautiful piece of work any non-profit or business would be happy to share. And since I spent years designing and coding websites, I know what it takes to get things done and I know how it’s done. So you have someone leading your projects who have been there.

Coming from an agency background, where I built what I think was one of the best web dev teams from the ground up (present team excluded – HaHa!), I’m well versed in search engine optimization and other digital services. We can handle anything you throw our way and we do it well!

In my free time, I’m an avid kayaker and concert goer. Philanthropy is also a huge love for me. I currently volunteer with the Pinellas Humane Society and I foster for them as well. My little dog Princess Butter Bean was my 5th foster and foster fail.

Photo of the GGC Digital web designer Phillip

Phillip, Web Designer Extroidinare

Phillip is an Oklahoma based designer fueled by coffee and electronic tunes. He has a strong passion for design, but the constantly changing web/mobile industry is what really drives him. He has been designing for GGC Digital for years. All projects listed, he has completed all the design work on. Keeping up with the latest trends and having to blend that with expectations is a constant challenge he enjoys tackling. He has over a decade in experience and can’t wait to see what the next 10 years has in store.

Photo of the lead developer RJ

RJ, WordPress + Custom Coding Guru 

RJ is a builder of things for the web. It’s what he enjoys doing the most and has been doing it as a freelancer since 2008. He codes with the client in mind. He makes sure that the backend is easy to manage and understand. He prides himself on “clean code”.

Why Choose Us?

We have many years of experience working with a variety of web based technologies to help business and non-profits.

  • Non-profits: With my background being primarily in non-profits, I understand the importance of donor engagement. Your mission is key to educating the public and drawing in donors to “support your cause” whether it’s monetary or volunteer based.
  • For-profits: You have a business to run, you need to sell your services. My experience with businesses allows me a quick understanding of your business model and the overall need to find and attract people to your services.
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