CBD Oil Websites and High Risk Merchants

cbd websites and high risk merchant accounts for online stores

With the rise in legalizing medical Marijuana and use of Cannabidiole or CBD based oils, more and more folks are wanting to take their business online. However, the process for a web based site in these areas are no very clean cut. There is a lot of red tape you have to go through in order […]

BluDomain has major server failure, loses websites

Many people were hit hard with the news from BluDomain that their websites had been lost due to a RAID array failure on their servers. I got a call from a client who had been with them over 5 years. All their content is gone. All that REVENUE gone. Years of SEO gone. Per the email […]

Marketing to an International Audience? Try WhatsApp

connect to your audience by using whatsapp

As a marketing director for an international organization, you are sometimes challenged with trying to communicate with an international audience. We take for granted how easy it is to reach someone while living in the United States – but what about everywhere else? You have to take in consideration many things when you are focusing […]

Preparing for giving season. Is your organization ready for donors?

is your non-profit organization ready for giving season

Updated on 3/16/2017 Giving Season. It’s a widely used term in the non-profit world. It’s the last few months of the year. The final push to get those last minute donors to send money your way. Do you have a game plan? I know that you’ve been racking your brain to try and figure out how to grab […]

Instagram is your keyword goldmine

use hashtags for a great instagram

Updated 9/2/2016 Learn how to use Instagram to promote your organization, your cause or your business. Instagram – #Hashtag like a Pro Part I – The Basics One of the “newer” ways to reach you audience, is Instagram. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first until I downloaded the app and started […]