BluDomain has major server failure, loses websites

Many people were hit hard with the news from BluDomain that their websites had been lost due to a RAID array failure on their servers. I got a call from a client who had been with them over 5 years. All their content is gone. All that REVENUE gone. Years of SEO gone. Per the email […]

Stuck with a Javelin CMS? WordPress is the answer.

So you are using a Javelin CMS… lucky you! (Insert joke here) Can’t find anyone to help you with your Javelin CMS? Call your help desk rep or tech support to get support and they never call back. You finally get ahold of a rep and it’s going to cost a fortune to: — add […]

How to write a blog using WordPress

how to write a blog using wordpress

In my previous post we talked about 6 easy steps to get started on blogging. One of those steps included finding a platform to blog on. In this post, I’ll show you just how easy it is to write a blog using WordPress. This is going to assume you’ve already loaded up WordPress and picked […]

How do I blog? 6 easy steps to get started

It’s actually pretty simple…. JUST DO IT! Gotta love Nike for that awesome tagline. So let me explain. The web is truly an endless deep hole of information. Some of which is useful, some not. I literally one day saw a video about this huge jumping spider on Facebook. I then went to Google and […]

DFW WordCamp – What I Learned

2015 dfw word camp review

So this last weekend, I headed to Dallas to get my nerd on and learn about more about WordPress at the DFW WordCamp. This was my first WordCamp and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I scanned the topics and found a specific few that I wanted to attend. I learned some very interesting things. There were also a […]