CBD Oil Websites and High Risk Merchants

With the rise in legalizing medical Marijuana and use of Cannabidiole or CBD based oils, more and more folks are wanting to take their business online. However, the process for a web based site in these areas are no very clean cut. There is a lot of red tape you have to go through in order to get a website started.

Understand the laws

This is the first step in the process. It is assumed that you’ve already gone through the process, gotten the licenses and so on in order to run your CBD oil business. But one thing many people fail to consider is online purchasing. There are rules and regulations, state to state that monitor this. So you want to be sure as you are going through the initial process, that you check with your attorneys on what your state and city allow as far as CBD oil and accessories online goes. Once you’ve gotten the green light to do so and you know what’s required, you can go on with the planning process.

Locate an online merchant

Unfortunately, companies like PayPal and Stripe are shutting down payment processing for anyone selling CBD products or a derivative there of. So it’s important to locate someone who allows what is considered “high risk merchant accounts“. Unfortunately, this is considered a high risk business. This particular line of business is a at risk for credit card fraud and chargebacks, therefore, you have to find a merchant who is willing to take that risk. There are many out there like Authorize.net. However, be prepared because there will be additional fees to have this kind of account.

Locate a host

You will then need to consider who is willing to allow you to host a business such as this. This is probably the easiest as there are many hosts that will allow this. Just make sure they do regular data back-ups as this is an e-commerce business and keeping your customer data safe and backed up are key.

Get help building an online CBD store

Need help setting up your CBD online store? I would be happy to help you with that project. You can fill out the form below or give me a call at (469) 322-9745 with questions.

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