SOLVED: Creating internal links with Divi page builder

I have come across questions about how to create internal links within the Divi page builder so I wanted to show you how to accomplish this.

When you first install the Divi builder, it defaults to the frontend builder view. For the every day user, the frontend builder is what you’ll use but it is missing the key element of being able to create internal links within copy by searching for pages like the traditional WordPress editor does. Now it does have the option to create links but you have to know the page URL in order to do that. While you’re building a site, this isn’t helpful but there is a way around this by using the backend editor. Several things have to happen in order to make the backend editor visible.

  1.  When you log into your site. Navigate to “Divi” and then to “theme options”. From there, you will access the “builder” tab and then drill down to “advanced”.
  2. Make sure both the “Enable The Latest Divi Builder Experience” and the “Enable Classic Editor” are both showing “enabled”.
screenshot of the divi themes advanced tab in the admin panel

Using the editor – from the backend

As you may have noticed, when you are using the front end builder and working with the text module, there is an option for you to create a link. However, when clicking on it, you can only paste a URL in or link to an anchor. In order to get the option to search for pages, you have to use the back end editor. Not the best option when using Divi but this is really the only pain point I see in using Divi. However, most people on an average day do not create a ton of internal links so it’s not a bad compromise if you need to. The other option is if you know the URL or can navigate to the page and copy the link, you can do that here too.

screenshot of the divi front end editor linking option

Return to the backend editor or to your page, basically getting out of the front end editor. It will look like a bunch of blocks which is how you know you’re on the backend editor.

screenshot of the divi back end editor

Locate your “text” box and click on the gear in order to edit it. From there you’ll notice your editor looks slightly different. You can then highlight the text you want to link to an internal page, click on the image of the link, and then you’ll get the searchable field as shown below. That’s what enabling the classic editor did when you first went to the Divi settings.

screenshot of an example of an internal link

That’s it!

Again, I think this is not the most user friendly way but it works. It appears that there is a different editor for the front end and one for the back end.

I have contacted Elegant Themes and they have added this to their coding upgrade suggestions but there is no guarantee when or if it will happen.

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