Joomla 3.4.7 Security Patch Release

For all you folks on a ‎Joomla‬ CMS, they have released a major secruity patch for 3.4.7 that you need to get taken care of. So important to keep the core of your CMS up-to-date no matter what it is. Unfortunately those on old platforms are a bit stuck.

Joomla no longer supports older versions of their CMS so you either have to upgrade, which is almost a whole rework or you’ll need to switch CMS tools to something like WordPress (NOTE: stay away from proprietary platforms like Javelin or ASP based platforms like DotNetNuke ). I have been a long  time supporter of Joomla and think it’s a great platform. Unfortunately when they changed over their versions from 1.5 to 3 they changed the setup so those older platforms had to do a total rework – yuck! And don’t get me started on the template issues. So I moved most of my old Joomla clients to WordPress. The big key for me switching is that when they do an upgrade, the platform doesn’t change. You don’t have to do any major overhaul to it like those old Joomla users. That was a big killer for me and my clients and so disappointing. Plus the more I’ve used WordPress, the more I’ve fallen in love with it’s ease of use and the softer more user friendly adminstrative panel.

Anyway…. update your install!

Helpful links about Joomla and WordPress

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