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It’s not just a job, it’s not just a project and it’s not just a sale for us. It’s a mission.

For us, we love everything that nonprofits stand for. Without people committed to making the world better, homeless and neglected animals would not find homes, those who suffer from abuse would not have a place to go. Those who have served prison time would not get a second chance. Youth who are different wouldn’t have the support they need to flourish.

Non-profits serve such a great purpose in our world and we want to contribute in the best way we know how and that’s through the web.

Enter myself and the GGC Digital team.

I have almost 30 years in the world of web design and development. And in those years, I have worked with a lot of organizations to improve their presence on the web. Here are just some nonprofit website design and development examples and projects I’ve worked on:

The Red Dirt Relief Fund
OKC Humane Society
First Fridays at Grand Center
OKC National Memorial

Why should you choose us over any other local web design agency?

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About the owner

patsy and her dog butter beanPatsy has been in the web design and development field for almost 30 years. She has done everything from designing sites to coding them out. She is the PM and your main point of contact so you will work directly with her to get things started from beginning to launch.

As mentioned, philanthropy is huge for her. She has served as Vice President on a Human Rights based organization and volunteers her technical services free for a list of organizations she serves as an advisor on. She is a long time volunteer and is currently a foster. She “foster failed” on her 6th foster, Butter Bean. 

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