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Snapshots of a TV fiber company website design both on desktop and phone designed by ggc digital in Tampa

OEC Fiber is a sister company for OK Coop out of Oklahoma City. OEC Fiber offers internet, phone and cable tv services in Oklahoma. Unlike OK Coop, we did a custom build on OEC Fiber because they had some more advanced needs than OK Coop. This particular project required some detail requirements gathering in order to meet all the needs of the project and to deliver it without issue.

One of the main features is that each service offering page can pull in specific content based on that pages category. For example, if you scroll down toward the bottom of the TV offerings page, you will see blog posts and FAQ items specific to TV. Our custom page builder, with the use of advanced custom fields and post types, allows them to pull in specific items as it relates to TV. We included some automations but we allowed for overrides in case there was specific content they wanted to highlight first.

Package builder: One of the major needs for the OEC Fiber website was the need for visitors to build out their service package and to see what their estimated final costs were. This particular piece required a lot of conditional logic based on parameters that the individual selected. Once they completed building their package, they could print or save their estimate sheet to then place an order.

Channel Guide + TV Packages: Both of these pieces work together. Within the TV package options, are listed the channels that those packages include. These are also displayed in the channel guide. When you select to view the all the channels available in a package, it will take you to the channel guide for that package only. Within the channel guide itself, you can sort and view by package as well to see what’s available. It is also a digital guide for those who have service to see what their packages include.

Visit the website to see it in action.


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Full screen capture of the OEC Fiber homepage custom designed and coded by GGC Digital a web design agency in Tampa Florida
Full screen capture of a main landing page design of a fiber company website in oklahoma designed and custom developed in wordpress by ggc digital in tampa florida
full screen design example of a conditional logic piece coded and designed by ggc digital in florida for a fiber tv company in Oklahoma
full screen example of a channel listing page with conditional logic built in wordpress by ggc digital of tampa florida
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