Print and Social Media

MLM Company

screenshot of a print piece for a multi-level marketing company

The overall brand as it existed was very dark and uninviting. My goal was to give the brand a facelift by producing materials utilizing bright images and colors that completed the company brand. I also found that there were too many redundant pieces of printed items. I eliminated many of the pieces and produced several very specific pieces instead. We also set out to update all the materials used to send to distributors initially upon registration. The materials were delivered in a variety of languages around the world. Content and imagery were adjusted to fit the culture of the country we were targeting.

Their new office in Japan was looking for a way to emphasize the healthy skin benefits of the product. We had initially created a healthy skin flyer and decided to turn it into a campaign. We looked at some of the main benefits of the products and developed ads that we could utilize for that targeting specific audiences such as athletes and families. These ads were also used for a social media campaigns as well.


Graphic Design
Digital & Social Campaigns

Simplified print brochure for a Japanese audience

Before and After of Rebranded Print Brochure

Before the redesign (brochure cover)

After the redesign (brochure cover)

Screenshot of a print booklet created for a supplement product
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