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Nonprofit | Red Dirt Relief Fund

Example of what the new red dirt relief fund website looks like on a monitor and a mobile device.

The Red Dirt Relief Fund is a non-profit organization based out of Tulsa. Their mission is to help music people and musicians in their time of need. They provide grants, that folks can apply for and they work with a variety of business to provide discounted rates for services or medical needs. The host several music festival fundraisers, Skinnerfest and Gypsy Cafe.

They worked with our partner agency Freestyle Creative to do a complete rebrand of the organization. They also wanted to be sure that they had a new website that reflects that rebranded look and feel.

Their existing site had some flaws. It was a bit clunky with no clear organization of content. It also lacked that visual appeal you would get from an organization that caters to the music community. Lastly their main purpose to provide assistance was not clearly visible. Access to links for help were not visible until you started scrolling down the site. At that point it popped up on the menu.

Based on their needs, we did a custom design for them. In addition, we thought the Elementor Pro builder would be a great option as well since the site is not large.  One of the key needs was an area where resources provided by topic, could be easily browsed and found. So what we did was set up a custom post type where they could add a resource by category. At that point, it would be displayed on the “get help” page. The headers on the home page and the event landing pages, have video incorporated to give it a dynamic feel. Lastly, on mobile devices, we added a locked donation button in the footer.

Visit the Red Dirt Relief Fund website.


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Screenshot of the home page design GGC Digital did for the Red Dirt Relief Fund
Screenshot of the general interior page options designed by ggc digital for RDRF of Oklahoma
Event details landing page designed by ggc digital for the red dirt relief fund of oklahoma
Screenshot of the musician resources page for the red dirt relief fund of oklahoma
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