Stuck with a Javelin CMS? WordPress is the answer.

So you are using a Javelin CMS… lucky you! (Insert joke here)

  • Can’t find anyone to help you with your Javelin CMS?
  • Call your help desk rep or tech support to get support and they never call back.
  • You finally get ahold of a rep and it’s going to cost a fortune to:
      • add a form field
      • add a blog
      • add a page
      • add ANYTHING to your site
  • You finally get a hold of a rep and not only is it going to cost a fortune but they can’t get to it for weeks?
  • Can’t get FTP access to your content files? Can’t get database access?
  • It’s not as user friendly as you were told.

This is not uncommon and I’ve heard it tons. You get sold “no need to call a web designer; you can do it yourself”. Then you get in there and it’s nothing like the demo you were shown or it’s much more restrictive than you thought. I’ve had several clients move from the Javelin CMS to WordPress and suddenly a weight has been lifted.


It’s super easy to manage and update. If you want to add a form field, it’s easy. Need a blog? Well WordPress is a native blogging tool. Needs a plug-in or feature? There are nearly 42K plug-ins available; most of which are free. The advantages of WordPress outshine Javelin any day! Do the research, ask around and then come back here for help. Because WordPress doesn’t suck.

I need help with my Javelin based website.

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