Social Media Management + Reputation Management

Why you need someone to watch out for your business.

Social media management and reputation management are important pieces for any business that is online. As a business, you really can’t get away from having a presence on social media. There are many benefits to using social media:

  • They are all free to use and post to (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Business Profiles, TikTok)
  • Provide key information about your business (address, map, phone, hours and etc.)
  • You can promote events and products
  • Get customer reviews to build your reputation
  • Educate potential customers and clients
  • Create ads to target specific audiences

Social media is not hard to work with but it takes time. Most business owners are focusing on running their business. Time isn’t on your side. That’s where we can come in. We can help you by posting regularly on your social media platforms and by responding to your customers in a timely fashion. We offer both services separate but we believe they go hand-in-hand and encourage you to bundle them together to get the best outcome for your business.

What are some features of your reputation management packages?

We will work hard to make sure your business is consistent across the web. Our services include a large list of features but here are the main highlights:

Review Monitoring

We will monitor all your reviews on your social media platforms. Making sure to thank all of your customers while addressing any issues that may come up from past customers.

Website Indexing

We will index your site on over 20 key websites and continue to monitor those listings. We will make sure that your location data is correct and the same on all platforms.


We make sure that your business coordinates are correct and the same across the key mapping platforms. This way it’s easy for potential customers to locate you based on their search.


We build a simplified custom report along with analytics so you know exactly what you are getting from our service offerings. Also, what we do different is we don’t just send you the report. We schedule a monthly meeting to go over those numbers. 

Frequently asked questions about reputation and social media management.

To help you better understand and get a full picture, we will answer some common questions about reputation management and social media management

Social media platforms are the most common forms of communication out there besides email. Each platform targets a specific audience and is sometimes more popular among age groups and business types. For example, if you have a business that offers a service like IT management, LinkedIn is a great platform for you. If you are a social media influencer promoting a skin care product, TikTok and Instagram are great platforms. Not all platforms work for everyone. We can sit down and talk with you about what works best.

Social media management is a service we offer to help busy business owners to keep up-to-date on posting on their social media. This includes monitoring responses from customers and developing campaigns to promote your business or service.

It depends on the agency, but we include in our management services:

  • Posting regularly on your social media platforms
  • Monitoring and responding to client reviews
  • Monitoring and responding to instant messages
  • Promoting blog posts or products from your website 
  • Working with your subject matter experts to develop campaigns
  • Reporting and insights on how your social media is performing

In short, yes. Reputation covers a lot of areas but let’s talk about reviews and comments. All of your customers are important. This means the ones who love you and the ones who’ve had a bad experience. As with any business, the relationship after the sale is important. If you have an unhappy client or someone who has had a bad experience, wouldn’t you want to know? We have all had our share of bad experiences with businesses, possibly even writing a bad review. In many cases, all it takes is someone acknowledging the issue and doing what they can to fix it. The timing of your response is key. Waiting weeks or months to respond is not the answer. As a business owner or manager, it’s easy to miss the notifications in our email. We will make sure that your customers all get a response. Our goal is to bring you repeat customers. 

Word of mouth can make or break a business and reviews play an important part in the process. Think about the sales process. In general, potential customers do online research first before making a decision on buying a product. For example, I was looking to buy a new kayak. I did a ton of research on a variety of brands that I was interested in. First thing that I did was check out the product reviews. I wanted to know what other people thought about the product. I read all the reviews, good and bad. Understanding how people felt helped me make a decision on what to buy. The other thing I noticed was how the owners of these products responded to the reviews. Reviews are your opportunity to also correct wrong information. If someone posts a review that is not correct, you can respectfully come back and address it. Also, users pay attention to how involved a company is in the comments. It shows you care and shows involvement in your brand. 

Let's talk about your social media needs.

Don’t have a lot of time on your hands and need help with your social media and responding to reviews? Reach out to me and let’s get you started.

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