BluDomain has major server failure, loses websites

Many people were hit hard with the news from BluDomain that their websites had been lost due to a RAID array failure on their servers. I got a call from a client who had been with them over 5 years. All their content is gone. All that REVENUE gone. Years of SEO gone. Per the email my customer got, BluDomain said and I quote straight from bullet point one in the email:
We are aware you are experiencing some extended down time. Please read the FAQ below for details and how to proceed moving forward. 1. What happened to my site and email? On Thursday, June 21st, we suffered a loss of your server due to a RAID server failing and when they replaced it, our hosting server team, a second server failed. The data is irretrievable, and all websites and blogs are not recoverable. All database backup methods were lost. We immediately hired a 3rd party consultant to assist us in navigating in the email recovery, making sure that what we were told was accurate and helping with backup data recovery expertise. We have met this circumstance with the utmost urgency and have been working around the clock as a team to try and respond to inquiries and get things resolved.
What? Irretrievable? Not recoverable? This is completely unacceptable in my book. Will you all be compensated for this loss? I’m not sure. Their website states:
We are aware that some clients are experiencing continued downtime.  The RAID array has failed on this server and we are still in the process of restoring all accounts at this time.  We are acutely aware of the inconvenience this has caused you, and we are doing all we can to ensure a timely solution. We are experiencing extremely high ticket volume, and this is causing a bit of a backlog, if at all possible, do not submit multiple follow-ups.  We will post updates on this page as they become available.  We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience. 
Which according to the email my customer received is a complete contradiction. But read it carefully, they are “restoring accounts” doesn’t mean they are restoring data or content. So it appears you’re lucky that you got email back. And it’s been said that they have turned off messaging on their Facebook and are likely monitoring comment posts and some folks are unable to reach anyone to actually talk to. So the bad news, you can’t unring a bell. You have to unfortunately move forward and start over. UPDATE 6/27/2018 — Got a recent update that you might be able to retrieve you images but your databases are gone as they were corrupted. So basically if you used a CMS like Joomla or WordPress you’re in a big pickle. How about the e-commerce folks? This is just bad bad bad. ——

I can help get your BluDomain site back up! Sort of….

Unfortunately what you had is likely lost. I can help get you a WordPress site up quickly on reliable hosting with BACKUPS. We can have a chat about what content you do have and what content I might be able to retrieve from the web through some resources out there. It won’t be exact to what you had but it will be something to get you back in business. With have over 20 years in the business working with a ton of non-profits and for-profit companies. So please feel free to call me or shoot me a text at (469) 322-9745 and we can get moving! You can also use the form below to reach me.
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