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A fun project that included a web services piece to pull in the adoptable pets from the 3rd party provider. It was very detailed and quite large. It was important to me as I was planning out this design to understand the things that were the most important for the Humane Society. Armed with that information, I was able to strategize what I think is a beautiful and touching website that promotes adoption and education.

Key CTAs: We identified 4 main areas of importance for someone who visits their website – adoptions, fostering, fix your pet and donations. So we designed the banner so that these key objectives appear on every page.

Pets in main banner: Another cool feature is on the homepage, we created this grid layout of images for the banner. Each image is easily changeable. In the admin panel, they can choose each individual image and change it out for another keeping the website fresh.

Updatable stats: All the stats you see about number of pets adopted are editable. So as the numbers change, they can log in and make the edits to those numbers.

The humane society still has the website with some minor modifications and uses much of the branding for out-of-home advertising and print pieces.

Truly one of my favorite and more rewarding web design projects.


Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Web Design
WordPress Development
Web Services / API

Homepage screenshot for a humane society website redesign project
Internal page view for a humane society website
Blog page screenshot for a nonprofit that helps animals
Screenshot for dogs available for adoption
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