Small business grant for web design and marketing, still available in Oklahoma City

Businesses located in the urban renewal areas, can qualify for extra help due to COVID-19.

Map of the urban renewal areas of Oklahoma City that qualify for a small business grant to help with marketing, web design and other items.
Click to view a larger image of the mapped out areas eligible for the grant.
The Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority has been given funds to distribute to small businesses in Oklahoma City. Established in 2020, the Federal Government has given them $400,00 to distribute to small businesses affected by COVID-19. Businesses can apply for up to $10,000 to help them with “future payroll, occupancy (including utilities), business equipment, inventory, small business training, technical assistance (which can include web design and development and marketing) and other necessary business expenses. Funds may not be used for mobile business equipment, property improvements (including leasehold improvements), or expenses or activity from before final approval of the grant.” There are several requirements, one of which is that your business must be located in the Urban Renewal areas of Oklahoma City. There is an  interactive map on their website that indicates those locations or you can click on this link to view a PDF version. Also, your business must have less than 5 employees which includes the owner. This is a great opportunity if you are wanting to redesign your website or if you don’t have one, you can use this grant to cover that. If you have other marketing needs like maybe you want a logo or new or need printed materials designed, this grant can cover that. It will cover website hosting, the purchase of technical based materials and software. The term “technical assistance” covers all those areas listed and then some. This grant has a lot of language that allows for you to be flexible with how you use the grant. There are a lot of businesses that won’t qualify such as non-profits, adult-based businesses, school, churches, life insurance companies, real estate developers and so on. Just be sure to review this list on their website to make sure you don’t fall into those categories.


You can learn more, view the map and apply quickly and easily on their website. You can also download the PDF version of the application by going to this link. If you have questions you can email them to and use “Small Business Grant Program” in the subject line or call (405) 604-6780. Submit applications and supporting documentation to or mail to 105 N. Hudson Ave., Ste 101, OKC, OK 73102re
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